Tilts trucks are the most common in the freight market and this trend has developed not by chance. These vehicles are designed for the carriage of goods that require protection from direct sunlight. It is possible to distinguish a tilt truck due to the presence of a canopy made of synthetic material. This material is cheap, but no less effective in protecting cargo compared to metal or wood.

Cars are also equipped with additional equipment, such as:

  • sliding frames of the roof and side walls
  • tail lift
  • removable frame (stand)
  • doors

 All this allows us to simplify and accelerate the handling. Due to the versatility of the design of the truck can carry almost any dimensional cargo, which is a competitive advantage. Rarely found designs that have a sliding floor, which can significantly increase the width of the body and carry enough bulky loads.

The vehicle fleet of KozyrTrans contains tilts cars of different tonnage to cope with any task.