Most shippers often face the problem of lack of a reliable carrier. The transport market of Ukraine is flooded with freight forwarding companies that also provide these services. Unlike carriers, they do not own transport, as well as customers are looking for it. When ordering a service from a carrier, you will receive a number of advantages that will facilitate your work. The scope of transportation does not exclude problems that may occur in the process of cargo delivery. The car may break off on the way, be delayed due to traffic jams or other reasons, the load may not fit in the car due to incorrect transmission of information. Freight forwarding companies take minimal part in solving such problems. A reliable carrier quickly solves such issues, including the filing of another car from its own fleet. An important part of transportation is the safety of the cargo. The expedition may by negligence attract for the delivery of cargo scammers who steal cargo.

Working directly with the carrier you can save money, because you do not have to pay the intermediary.

KozyrTrans is a direct carrier. Having ordered the delivery service from us, you can forget about the problems that may arise when working with freight forwarding companies.