To date, the transportation of metal is one of the most popular in the freight market. Metal rolling is all products that are made of metal by the rolling method.

This material is quite hard and durable, protected from all weather conditions, not prone to corrosion. Due to these properties, metal is very popular in industry and construction. 
Metal products have a different shape and dimensions for use as intended.

 They are divided into the following types:

  1. sheet products.
  2. pipes.
  3. profiles.
  4. channels.
  5. angles.
  6. beams.

For packing and loading of metal use different methods:

  • The loading place can be in the form of bundles (for pipes and rods)
  • coils (for wires)
  • and packs (for sheet or profile products).

With regard to methods of loading, it is possible to distinguish the main - loading crane beam. A huge crane located on rail tracks can move products throughout the warehouse. In large enterprises, expensive magnets can be used to load metal. Small products and coils are packed on a pallet and loaded using electric trucks.

KozyrTrans transports metal products professionally. In our fleet presented vehicles most in demand for the transport of metal.

Ordering the service of trucking y us, you can be sure of:

  • the correct distribution of cargo in the back of a car.
  • compliance with the load capacity of vehicles.
  • professional approach to the consolidation of metal and metal products.
  • proper carrying out of loading and unloading works.