For timely and reliable transportation it is necessary to adhere to all rules and standards. In transport logistics, it is important and obligatory to mark the cargo correctly and fully. Without proper marking, the company that transports the goods is not responsible for it. Responsible person for the absence of these additions and the possible consequences of transportation without marking is the Sender.

Packing and marking of goods is one of the guarantees that the goods will not be damaged and will be transported in accordance with all standards. Competent labeling and the right kind of packaging promote proper handling of the cargo during loading, delivery and unloading.

Cargo marking is informational symbols and inscriptions that meet international standards and carry useful information about the type and proper handling of the package.

Purposes of marking of goods:

  • Decrease in rice, which is associated with damage to the cargo;
  • Reporting information about the type of cargo;
  • Delivery of goods to the destination in the shortest possible lines.
  • Recommendations for proper handling during loading and unloading, unpacking, transportation;

Types of marking:

  • Commodity marking - the name, variety, date of issue and order number for a particular product are applied to the product.
  • Shipping labeling - on the product data is written about: the recipient, the sender, the weight of the cargo, the number of places, as well as the shipping and delivery addresses.
  • Transport marking - the number of packages and the batch number are applied to the cargo, which must coincide with the data in the bill of lading.
  • Special marking - marks are placed on the packaging of the goods, which indicate how it is necessary to properly handle the goods.

The consignor of the goods must apply the trademark marking, consignor and special, and the carrier must apply the transport.

Special signs

Items and goods that need non-standard conditions of carriage must be identified with specific types of marking.

Such symbols are placed on cargo places and are represented by the following marks: “Glass”, “Caution”, “Keep from moisture”, etc.

Application features

For the designation represented by symbolic images, numeric or letter combinations, a contrasting ink is used. Marking of packages should be different from the color of the container itself.

The symbols applied should be of high quality, clear and clear, that is, readable. Paint should not fade and be exposed to environmental factors. Cardboard labels are glued, fabric - sewn, metal or plywood - attached with bolts, nails or screws. Nailing labels to plywood, cardboard or paper boxes is strictly forbidden. In the absence of the possibility of attaching labels by one of the indicated methods, wire attachment is allowed. Marking of goods is inextricably linked with the process of the implementation of freight. It helps in as concisely as possible to specify all the necessary information about the object being transported.

For large-tonnage packaging, special encrypted markings are used.

In the letter and digital inscriptions on the container are encrypted: the type and dimensions of the cargo, the owner, category. Additional markings on the transport container are intended for dangerous goods and special conditions of transportation.

KozyrTrans company ensures proper marking of the transported cargo. We always stipulate all these moments with the customer, so that the delivery of the goods would be as reliable and timely as possible.