To include the cost of transportation in the price of the sale of goods to the customer must correctly calculate the transportation. This stage is an integral part of economic planning.

Before you calculate the cost of transportation, you need to know the following information:

  1. the cargo being transported
  2. its exact quantity
  3. point of loading/unloading
  4. weight

To obtain the most accurate price it is also worth clarifying the delivery time, form of payment, and other features. The number of places of loading/unloading and their remoteness from major economic centers will affect the cost upwards.

Most often, the calculation of the cost is done according to the formula: distance * car cost factor per km + cost of each subsequent loading/unloading + additional expenses for moving to the place of the next loading

If the cargo requires special conditions of transportation (temperature, oversized dimensions, horns for transportation of wood or large diameter metal pipes, etc.), this will also affect the final price. 

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