Each country has its own rules and standards for transportation and transit of cargo. TIR and CMR standards have been developed to protect cargo and parties in international and transit traffic.

TIR - "Transports Internationaux Routiers", translated from French sounds like the International Transport Delivery (TIR). This international cargo transit system provides maximum possibilities for carriers to move across borders:

  • without mandatory full border checks;
  • in sealed trucks (containers);
  • shipment of goods from customs in one country to the customs of another country;
  • security and guarantees.

Carnet TIR (TIR Carnet) is a customs shipping document that gives the right to transport goods across state borders in custom-sealed car bodies or containers with simplified customs procedures. This document records one of the following basic data:

  • address of the recipient;
  • customs control, in which your cargo follows;
  • customs codes for each product;
  • the gross weight of each item;

According to the TIR book, the carrier has the right to cross the territory of only those states that have signed the convention on the international transit of cargo.

CMR - from the French "Convention relative au contrat de transport international de Marchandise par Route" is translated as the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road. The CMR International Consignment Note is the most important document in international road transport.

CMR - international consignment note, which contains the most complete information about the sender and recipient, intermediary, the actual cargo and seals.

Draws up the invoice and assumes the responsibility of the consignor, who fills the document according to the instructions.

CMR is always prepared in 3 copies: for the shipper, carrier and consignee.

Documents that may additionally be attached to the CMR: 

  • loading report
  • invoice
  • shipping specification
  • quality certificate for industrial goods
  • veterinary certificate for animals
  • quarantine certificate for vegetable goods
  • certificate of origin and so on

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