Cashback for the second carriage
The task of cargo delivery can be solved in several ways. Among the types of transport existing in Ukraine, the railway is still the most involved, which occupies more than half of the modern logistics market. In second place is road transport.The transport logistics market in Ukraine is quite large, about 30-40% of all traffic falls on road transport. In this niche there are many transport...
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Up to 50% discount for large cargoes
Cargo transportation with a total weight of 30 tons and above is an invoice and expensive service. Depending on the type of cargo, different vehicles are used to transport it.Oversized and heavy loads cargoesIt is considered to be heavy that weight, the weight of which, together with the weight of the vehicle, exceeds the maximum permissible load on the track or the permissible axial load. It...
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Delivery of modular cargoes
Delivery of modular cargoes is a very popular service in the field of transportation. Under the "modular cargoes" refers to the transport of various goods with the ability to load in several places. Groupage delivery services are used when there is a need, for example, to deliver several consignments of goods over a long distance with loading in several locations (warehouses). When delivering this...
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