Schedule of work and rest of the driver
The driver is quite a specific profession that requires constant attention and tension (both physical and moral). Driving time is a generally accepted term for the rules governing the activities of drivers of commercial trucks and vehicles carrying passengers.In order to ensure safety and good health, many countries have adopted special standards in which the driver’s work and rest regimes are...
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TIR and CMR - international cargo protection
Each country has its own rules and standards for transportation and transit of cargo. TIR and CMR standards have been developed to protect cargo and parties in international and transit traffic.TIR - "Transports Internationaux Routiers", translated from French sounds like the International Transport Delivery (TIR). This international cargo transit system provides maximum possibilities for carriers...
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Returning 20% of the cost
Transport logistics in Ukraine is quite developed, many companies provide road haulage services. We are well aware of entrepreneurs and logistics companies, which are sometimes hard to find responsible partners who fit into reasonable lines, because time for an entrepreneur is money, and every minute of idle goods turns into a loss.What factors can affect the delivery delay?weather. At any time of...
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