Why is it profitable to work with a carrier?
Most shippers often face the problem of lack of a reliable carrier. The transport market of Ukraine is flooded with freight forwarding companies that also provide these services. Unlike carriers, they do not own transport, as well as customers are looking for it. When ordering a service from a carrier, you will receive a number of advantages that will facilitate your work. The scope of...
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What you need to know about the transport of metal
To date, the transportation of metal is one of the most popular in the freight market. Metal rolling is all products that are made of metal by the rolling method.This material is quite hard and durable, protected from all weather conditions, not prone to corrosion. Due to these properties, metal is very popular in industry and construction.  Metal products have a different shape and...
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Cargo marking
For timely and reliable transportation it is necessary to adhere to all rules and standards. In transport logistics, it is important and obligatory to mark the cargo correctly and fully. Without proper marking, the company that transports the goods is not responsible for it. Responsible person for the absence of these additions and the possible consequences of transportation without marking is the...
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