How to choose a carrier?
The Ukrainian transport market is crowded with a number of scammers, so the carrier’s choice should be taken seriously.The first is reputation and experience. You can check the reputation of the carrier through transport sites (LARDI, DELLA, etc.) and through other services for tracking registration of documents for business activities (for example, Telegram bot - Opendatabot).Always ask for...
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How to calculate the cost of transportation?
To include the cost of transportation in the price of the sale of goods to the customer must correctly calculate the transportation. This stage is an integral part of economic planning.Before you calculate the cost of transportation, you need to know the following information:the cargo being transportedits exact quantitypoint of loading/unloadingweightTo obtain the most accurate price it is also...
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Advantages of tilt cars in freight
Tilts trucks are the most common in the freight market and this trend has developed not by chance. These vehicles are designed for the carriage of goods that require protection from direct sunlight. It is possible to distinguish a tilt truck due to the presence of a canopy made of synthetic material. This material is cheap, but no less effective in protecting cargo compared to metal or wood.Cars...
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