Transport logistics in Ukraine is quite developed, many companies provide road haulage services. We are well aware of entrepreneurs and logistics companies, which are sometimes hard to find responsible partners who fit into reasonable lines, because time for an entrepreneur is money, and every minute of idle goods turns into a loss.

What factors can affect the delivery delay?

  • weather. At any time of year, weather conditions can cause enormous damage to the delivery time, especially in the winter, when snowstorms and slippery roads impede normal movement;
  • the quality of the road surface. In Ukraine, more than 60% of roads in need of repair. Due to the poor quality of asphalt, the vehicle's chassis service lines and tires are significantly reduced, as this factor directly affects the speed of movement;
  • unfamiliar terrain. For the driver there are no difficulties in not knowing the road, this factor can only affect the delivery time;
  • driver fatigue;
  • machine malfunction;
  • problems with documents;

This list can still go on and on.

Our company for 11 years of work in the field of freight has already managed to gain experience and find effective ways to solve each of the above problems.

If for some reason KozyrTrans did not meet the deadlines, we return 20% of the shipping cost
If you have questions about the delivery, leave a request on the website or call us - we will answer all your questions and advise you completely free of charge.