Cargo transportation with a total weight of 30 tons and above is an invoice and expensive service. Depending on the type of cargo, different vehicles are used to transport it.

Oversized and heavy loads cargoes

It is considered to be heavy that weight, the weight of which, together with the weight of the vehicle, exceeds the maximum permissible load on the track or the permissible axial load. It often happens that a heavy load is oversized - a load that exceeds standard parameters in size: length (within 20 meters), height (up to 4 meters), width (2.5 meters).

For the transportation of oversized cargo it is necessary to obtain a special permit, since the transportation of this type of cargo leads to the destruction of the road surface. In general, this type of service is much more expensive than conventional transportation and incurs significant monetary damage to entrepreneurs. It is necessary to attract specialized equipment for loading and unloading operations, special fixings, a complex route, etc. For the transportation of these types of cargo use special trawls and platforms with a lifting capacity of up to 120 tons.

What kind of cargo can exceed 30 tons?

  • specialized equipment for the oil refining, mining and chemical industries;
  • large volumes of bulk materials: sand, gravel, soil, etc .;
  • crops on large storage areas;
  • reinforced concrete beams, supports and clubs;
  • specialized equipment;
  • port containers and other.

Depending on the nature of the goods for transporting a variety of vehicles are used:

  • autotrain with semi-trailer and extended wheelbase;
  • a dump truck with a lifting capacity of 15-17 tons with a trailer that can transport cargo weighing 13-15 tons;
  • tractor with a standard semi-trailer for the transport of containers with carrying capacity up to 34 tons of cargo;
  • Container-trailer truck with a low-bed semi-trailer with a maximum carrying capacity of up to 31 tons;
  • fermovoz for transportation of clubs;
  • bulk truck with sliding semi-trailer, which moves structures weighing up to 40 tons;
  • grain carrier with the possibility of lateral unloading.

Sometimes entrepreneurs need to transport their goods to completely different cities, to optimize the route for which it is impossible. In such cases, there is a need to resort to ordering several machines.

How to save money?

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