Delivery of modular cargoes is a very popular service in the field of transportation. Under the "modular cargoes" refers to the transport of various goods with the ability to load in several places. Groupage delivery services are used when there is a need, for example, to deliver several consignments of goods over a long distance with loading in several locations (warehouses). When delivering this way, entrepreneurs have a real opportunity to save money by not hiring several vehicles for transportation.
Groupage cargoes are transported in several stages:

  1. Conclusion of a contract with the carrier company.
  2. Calculating and optimizing the route.
  3. Check out the machine and load it at several points (according to the route).
  4. Acceptance of the delivered goods by the customer.

Who is engaged in transportation of cargo?

One of the specializations of KozyrTrans is the delivery of groupage cargo throughout Ukraine. For the past 11 years we have been operating in the freight market of Ukraine, and during all this time we have already gained the trust of entrepreneurs who constantly work with us and recommend our company to their partners and friends.

The advantages of delivery of cargoes by our company:

  • Fast processing of all documents.
  • Savings on transportation.
  • Individual approach and saving your time.
  • Highly efficient delivery process organization.
  • We guarantee timely delivery.
  • Cargo safety all the way.

KozyrTrans Company delivers groupage cargo from any city of Ukraine *