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Transportation of metal in bays
Today, metal and various metal structures are invariable elements in the field of construction and production. With their help, a wide range of tasks is solved, and therefore it is not surprising that from time to time customers are faced with the need to organize transportation of metal products.  We guarantee the successful delivery of metal products of any type.  The manufacturer of...
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Oversized cargo delivery
One of the activities of our company is the organization of transportation of oversized cargo through the territory of Ukraine. Thanks to our extensive work experience, we are familiar with all the nuances and subtleties of this sphere, therefore we carry out the work efficiently and efficiently. Our task was to transport oversized cargo from the ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih factory to the...
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Cargo delivery for a construction company
At all times, wooden boards have been and remain an indispensable building material. Of them make roofs, fences, furniture, doors, used for the construction of walls and foundations.A construction company turned to us with an order to transport 20 tons of boards for interior decoration on the route Rivne-Sergeevka (Odessa region). For transportation of boards it is better to choose a car with...
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