In October 2019, one of KozyrTrans's largest trucking operations took place.

We have transported oversized cargo:

  • HUINDAI 170 excavator;
  • backhoe loader JSB 3CX.




Transportation was carried out on the route Rivne - Kharkiv with a distance of more than 800 km, practically through the whole territory of Ukraine.

Our manager conducted a qualitative consultation and selected a Renault Magnum 430 truck with a load capacity of 45 tons and with the possibility of self-check. Each excavator enters the platform in turn.

The equipment was securely fastened with chains in compliance with all standards.

According to our calculations, the trucking had to last 36 hours, taking into account the rest of the driver in order to observe the safety, and we brought in 30 hours, which saved the whole working day.

In time, the customer was satisfied!