Our company has been working with the group "Weighting Systems" for 5 years. We transport truck and rail scales to all regions of Ukraine. For work we use:

  • DAF XF 105 tractor;
  • Schmitz tilt semitrailer, with a loading capacity of 22 tons, with a rigid board, 40 cm high and with removable racks.

It is in this car that all types of downloads are possible.

This time we were engaged in the transportation of railway scales, weighing 20 tons, from the city of Dnipro to the city of Pavlograd.

Railway scales are designed for static weighing of railway cars and dynamic weighing of moving trains.


According to the order, the car was put on load in the morning. Loading the railroad scales was a rather long process and the machine stood under loading until lunch.

In the evening, the scales ordered by the client were delivered to Pavlograd.

Delivery was done on time, the original documents were sent to the customer on the day of unloading.