Our large trucking
In October 2019, one of KozyrTrans's largest trucking operations took place.We have transported oversized cargo:HUINDAI 170 excavator;backhoe loader JSB 3CX.   Transportation was carried out on the route Rivne - Kharkiv with a distance of more than 800 km, practically through the whole territory of Ukraine.Our manager conducted a qualitative consultation and selected a Renault...
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Delivery of railway scales
Our company has been working with the group "Weighting Systems" for 5 years. We transport truck and rail scales to all regions of Ukraine. For work we use:DAF XF 105 tractor;Schmitz tilt semitrailer, with a loading capacity of 22 tons, with a rigid board, 40 cm high and with removable racks.It is in this car that all types of downloads are possible.This time we were engaged in the transportation...
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Open platform cargo delivery
KozyrTrans provided a delivery service - a container for exhibition equipment. The consignor was the manufacturer of solar power plants. The 40-foot container had to be delivered on time, 8 hours before the start of the exhibition in Kiev.This project was supervised by the manager of the Central region.  Container Options:length - 12.5 m.height - 2.9 m.weight - 16 tons.Within 15 minutes,...
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